Unikorn Officially Announces Its Joining of the "TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance"

Talent cultivation and development has always been an important business development goal for Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. (Unikorn). To strengthen the talent competitiveness of Taiwanese society and respond to the ESG wave wherein global companies emphasize talent and social responsibility, at this critical moment, Unikorn officially announces its joining of the "TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance."

We are committed to the six aspects of talent sustainability and actions that will help Taiwanese society remain sustainable and competitive despite a declining birthrate: "meaning and value," "diversity and inclusion," "organizational communication," "rewards and incentives," "physical and mental health," and "talent growth."

Meaning and Value
Unikorn is committed to bringing colorful and enhancing life quality with its unique and advance process technology. Furthermore, it aims to create value for stakeholders by providing robust and innovative compound semiconductor foundry services for all sectors, thereby upholding the spirit of corporate sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion
Unikorn actively recruits diverse talents, protects employees’ human rights, and implements an inclusion and nondiscrimination policy, including gender equality, diverse workforce composition, various communication channels, employee care, team building activities, and so on, to create the most innovative and interactive organizational environment.

Organizational Communication
Unikorn takes care of its employees and establishes good labor–management relations, thereby promoting wellbeing and organizational identity through the concerted efforts of employees and employers. Moreover, we actively establish a smooth internal communication channel to strengthen employee relations, listen to employees’ opinions, and provide feedback and assistance.

Rewards and Incentives
Unikorn attaches great importance to the career development and compensation benefits of each employee. The company regularly reviews employees’ salaries and welfare to ensure internal fairness, sets competitive salary levels, establishes performance-linked compensation and spot incentive bonuses, and selects high-performing employees to encourage outstanding performance, thereby revitalizing the organization and setting a benchmark for emulation.

Physical and Mental Health
Unikorn establishes a safe and healthy workplace by providing employees with professional counseling on medical and health examination reports and comprehensive health management, including health promotion and psychological counseling, to enhance employees’ health awareness. Moreover, to promote our employees’ health and create a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, we organize sports and health-related activities and provide subsidies for clubs and sports competitions.

Talent Growth
Alongside rapid technological changes in the semiconductor industry, Unikorn values the continuous learning of each employee in terms of professional knowledge, skills, and attitude. To strengthen overall organizational performance and employee development, Unikorn aims at long-term employee development. Through organizational development and various cultivation programs, we have built a comprehensive talent cultivation system, including internal and external training, on-the-job training, and digital learning, and have designed various courses according to different needs, including technical, quality, and management training, to continuously improve employees’ capabilities and realize their potential.

We will continue to promote and advocate initiatives with CommonWealth Learning, Cheers Happy Worker, and other members of the 100 companies in Taiwan. We expect that in the near future, through the Hope project of talent cultivation, every worker will benefit from training and improve their competencies, thereby creating a better career path and future.