Recruitment Channels Description
Recruitment Website
All the latest and hottest job openings are available on our recruitment website,You can keep up-to-date with the latest vacancies at any time.
Recruitment Activities
We actively participate in campus fairs and recruitment activities, interacting with students and job seekers closely.
Colleague Referral
If you have friends or relatives already working within Unikorn, you are welcome to join through the colleague referral system.
Research and Development Substitute Services (RDSS)
Unikorn's use of RDSS not only allows us to plan out R&D placements in advance, but also gives newcomers the chance to get ahead in the industry from the very start and improve their competitiveness.
Relationship with Schools
We expand our collaboration with schools by holding company visits and career talks. Through practical tours and introductions to the company, students can better understand our job positions and learn about Unikorn, allowing them to plan their careers starting from an early stage.
Internship Programs
University and postgraduate students can experience the workplace through our internship programs . Those with an exceptional performance during the course of the internship have the opportunity to be employed once they graduate, which provides a fast-track to further job experience.